If you're an OPB/NPR type, you are probably already familiar with Destination DIY, the radio show/podcast that covers all sorts of different stories about people's adventures in making things. The show, hosted by Julie Sabatier, is trying to up their game in the coming year, contributing shorter but more consistent monthly audio content along with supplementary info on a new website. "While Destination DIY airs on stations around the country, we are an independent show and not affiliated with any radio station. Our funding comes primarily from our listeners": so reads the—you guessed it—indiegogo page where they are raising money to put their plan into action. They have 16 days to reach their $20,000 goal, with so far just over $5,600 raised. If you're a fan and want to see them take this next evolutionary step, your donations could get you everything from a t-shirt to a (real) tattoo. If you watch their campaign video, make sure to stick with it until the very end, which is my favorite part (involves the second appearance of a cat in a top hat):

In related news, tomorrow is the next Makin’ It with Destination DIY project night/listening party (7-9 pm at ADX), where all are invited to take a break from crafting alone in your basement in favor of a group setting with free pizza, beer, advice, and a DJ. Sabatier is also a storyteller at Friday's Back Fence PDX (topic: "Recipe for Disaster"), so no complaining about a lack of opportunities to connect with Destination DIY this week, mmmkay?