Quiet but mighty, every time Una comes up I have to take the moment to extoll its virtue as one of the city's most world class destinations of any kind, and certainly among its boutiques. Tucked subtly away just off of lower Burnside, it's relatively low-profile in terms of sale announcements and other to-dos, but there's a rare calendar-oriented excuse to visit on the horizon.

On Thursday, Dec 12, they are featuring some of their favorite Portland designers, including Boet, Better Late Than Never, Esser Vesper, Hilary Horvath, Jacqueline Davis, and Sara Barner, plus refreshments and a portion of the sales going to an as-yet-unspecified women's charity. Don't even bother trying to keep your focus solely on the vendors at hand, though; Una's selections from around the world are wonderfully eccentric and elegant, and you're about guaranteed to find something that sparks your imagination.

Better Late Than Never: A stud for everyone
  • Una
  • Better Late Than Never: A stud for everyone