When I was first introduced to Caitlin McCall's road-tested collection of bicycle clothing that doesn't look like bicycle clothing, Quick Study, I was so impressed that I devoted an entire page to it in the last Mercury Bike Issue.

Now, she's working on a project called "Dress to Ride," documenting the bike style of Portland women. She's just put out a call for entries for those who wished to be considered for an interview and portrait that will become part of a permanent gallery beginning in early January to coincide with the launch of QS' new web site. (Smart to do this when there's snow on the ground; fair-weather poseurs like me will have a harder time self-identifying as a cyclist this time of year.)

Full details for those who are interested are after the cut.

  • Shola Lawson

Project Description

To celebrate the online shop’s grand opening, Quick Study is proud to introduce “Dress to Ride,” an intimate portrait of Portland bike style and the women who shape it. Led by local photographer Shola Lawson, “Dress to Ride” profiles sixteen women who fearlessly adapt their wardrobes to the demands of going by bike. Some are persistent daily commuters, others mount their trusty steeds in fair weather only, a few just lug their ride out of the basement for occasional bar trips. Regardless of where they fall on the frequency continuum, these ladies have the chops to ride in style. Starting in 2014, they’ll open the door to their living spaces and show the rest of us how we can too.
Call for Entries


Do you know someone with awesome bike style? Tell us about them! Or maybe it’s you?

Quick Study is currently looking for 10 more ladies who ride in style to round out a photo interview series showcasing Portland’s fashion on two wheels.


1.Female or female identified

2.Own a bike and use it *somewhat* regularly

3.Currently live in Portland

4.Creative approach to bike-friendly dressing

To enter, send a pic and 3-5 sentences to bike@quickstudyclothing.com about why you or your pal should be featured in “Dress to Ride” this winter! Deadline for submissions is Friday 12/13/13 at 5pm.

If chosen, we will contact them/you to schedule an interview date and time with the photographer. They/you must agree to be photographed in their/your living space and with their/your bike in an outfit or their/your choosing as well as one Quick Study piece. Participant will also agree to a short interview that will later be posted on Quick Study’s website along with selected photos.