For most people Black Friday conjures images of crazy mobs swarming through the doors of Walmarts and people literally getting trampled to death to get a deal on shit that they don't need or will ever use, as evidenced by this hard-to-watch montage and the website Black Friday Death Count. Portland, however, does not really subscribe to this notion, and instead celebrates Thanksgiving for the ENTIRE day and night, and then shops the next day, many times at local businesses. The increase in Black Friday sales at local businesses for the last three years is largely due to Little Boxes, and this year they broke all of their records. Here are the stats:

Raffle entries, the metric of participation in Little Boxes, numbered approximately 29,000.
- This figure includes approximately 9,700 paper raffle tickets and over 5,800 entries made via the iPhone App.
- 14,305 bonus entries were earned by shoppers who made purchases at Little Boxes stores to earn additional chances to win.

Over 4,700 purchases were made at over 200 stores as a part of the promotion.
- At an average ticket sale of $60 (estimated), Little Boxes would have generated $283,500 of revenue, or $1,453 per store on average.

There were over 2,300 iPhone App downloads of the Little Boxes app in the month of November.

One shopper visited 78 stores, and earned 65 bonus entries from making 12 or more purchases for a whopping 143 raffle entries (the highest scoring raffle entry earner.)

Because Little Boxes did so well, the founders are keeping it open through December, using funding from little box stores who opt to purchase additional promotional power through Little Boxes' social media channels. So... pat yourself on the back if you were one of the many Little Boxes shoppers that contributed to this amazing accomplishment (especially the person who visited 78 stores—she deserves a fucking medal). If you missed it, you still have a chance to experience it on a somewhat smaller scale.