Oh yeah, baby, it's that time: Time for the season of year-end lists! Yes, it would be boring if they happened all the time, but for one to two months out of the year I love a goddamn list. Here at the Merc we're getting into list-mode ourselves, including an annual tradition I have in Sold Out: In addition to asking pillars of the local fashion and style community to contribute their favorite moments of the closing year, I also ask them to make their wishes and predictions for the coming year:

Out: super stilettos; studded everything; giant trash-bag-sized purses; men's jewelry (e.g., 25 seventh-grade-level bracelets polluting arms); the heritage/Americana look; floral for men; and boat shoes—sorry, boys.—Crispin Argento, owner of PINO, pinoportland.com

I personally am moving towards less "trendy" items like my beloved tranny shoes of 2012, and anything too girly. Nail art will be a mainstay, but not as loud as 2012. 2013 has me feeling dark and decadent with pops of fur, pin straight hair, and sexy androgynous looks for night.—Kayla Rekofke, Yo Vintage!, shopyovintage.com, and MOD contributor

Our new mayor's wife, who's well traveled, outward looking in her professional capacity, and a fashion enthusiast, may play a visible role in promoting style. Unless the underachieving, vocal majority of Portlanders don't break her spirit just because she's showing fashion awareness, [since] that threatens their frumpy looks and living.—Tito Chowdhury, executive producer of FASHIONxt, fashionxt.net

My hope for 2013 is that people will continue to put pressure on [large clothing] companies, that the companies continue to improve their policies, and for the general public to finally realize that fast fashion is just fucking lame.—Elizabeth Mollo, fashion show producer, MOD contributor, mod.portlandmercury.com

The stiletto/"tranny shoe" thing came true, as did Nancy Hales, but heritage/Americana is still going strong (for now). Want to weigh in on 2014? Email me your wishes and predictions, and check out more from last year here.