This week's Sold Out column is an extra-large blowout, wall to wall with designers, buyers, fashion show producers, and other stylish types around the city talking about what they'll be wearing to the next couple weeks' crush of parties leading up to the NYE grand finale. Recurring themes include red lipstick, monochromatism, sequins, big jewelry, pattern mixing, and displeasure at the continued existence of ugly sweaters—along with a whole boatload of suggestions and points of inspiration.

Whenever I am having a model styled for a photo shoot and the stylist is doing hair and makeup, I always ask that she is a little tousled looking—like she just woke up from a nap or wrestled with her boyfriend. Better yet, ride your bike to the party so your cheeks are flushed when you arrive. I do not like things that look brand new or perfect. I think if you are going to wear something that is really expensive, the rest of the outfit should be free hand-me-downs so you don't look like a snob.—Holly Stalder, designer,

Most guys, all they need is a proper two- or three-button wool jacket, a clean, trim-fitting poplin oxford, and trousers with proper footwear. [A] well-fitting modern suit with patterned Fair Isle socks and a clever piece of neckwear make all the difference. Guys in Portland tend to lean toward a bowtie or necktie, but I think the realness comes in the form of a wool throwover or, better yet, a punchy scarf. Just please, no Red Wings with your suit.—Mike Andersen, marketing manager/lead buyer, Cascadian Fabrications, Inc.,

I am going to stick with a tried-and-true classic: sequins. My holiday uniform of choice will be pants, some sort of top, and a sequin coat. This will allow me to stay warm and hide any food/booze babies that might suddenly appear.—Elizabeth Mollo, fashion show producer and Mercury contributor,

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