You are either done and self-satisfied, not part of it and self-satisfied, or not done and easing into the panic/excitement (?) of last-minute consumerism. Jewelry is a good gift for the jewelery-wearing types, though it's often folly to buy something huge and/or loud for someone else—there's no accountin' for taste and all that. There are at last count 45,998,097 jewelry designers in Portland, but I was recently introduced to one that strikes a balance between simplicity and character, and with a relatively moderate price point, too: Cradle Jewelry.

  • Cradle Jewelry

Designed by one Sonia Marie, a Portlander via Manhattan, the line of rings and necklaces go from $60-105 per piece, in geometric and sawtooth patterns rendered in sterling silver and brass. The official statement goes:

Inspired by European minimalist fashion and geometric pattern, Sonia focuses on creating pieces that are elegant and luminous, yet fearless and volatile. They transform themselves to fit any situation. She also draws inspiration from the time she spent with her late father, a talented artist and musician who believed in the endless imagination.

Sonia is dedicated to sustainable and localized production, and creates each piece with attention and care. Every piece of Cradle jewelry is handmade in Portland, Oregon.

The collection is available locally at Physical Element.

  • Cradle Jewelry