Our series of local experts weighing on the closing year continues, this time with Mag-Big owner, fashion event producer, designer, MOD contributor, and local-production advocate Casse Ridgway!

My takeaway from 2013 is the phrase "The high tide will raise all ships." There is a serious manufacturing movement happening here in Portland. The craftspeople of our city are working together and pooling resources to make it happen. When asked why we would want to produce here (as opposed to cities where manufacturing is more common and easier to access), the answer rings loud and clear: because there is so much production happening right here, right now. Portland produces.

As for 2014:

I have hopes that in the coming months, smaller clothing companies (such as my own) will work with other smaller clothing companies to source fabric in a more viable way. Thing is: it gets cheaper in larger quantities—but that can sometimes be hard to do as a small batch manufacturer. Not to mention the high cost of freighting it to the NW. I hope we can use our network of makers to lessen the overhead and share some of the costs while our companies are in this critical stage of growth.

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