There is something intriguing about accessories made from unconventional materials, and Portland designers aren't shy when it comes to finding new ways to reuse or reinvent the norm. For example, wooden adornments is a trend as old as time, but thanks to technology we're seeing creative ways to make this material wearable. Here are a few shops in town that are pushing the boundaries with their unique, wooden designs.

1) MapleXO

  • MapleXO

Who knew there was so much life in an old skateboard? Lindsay Jo Holmes of MapleXO started making jewelry out of recycled boards back in 2005 and her work has been a huge hit. Not only is she reducing the carbon footprint of the skateboard community by reviving broken boards that would have ended up in a landfill, she reveals the hidden beauty within them making each piece truly unique.

2) Shwood

A true mix of technology and craftsmanship, Shwood brings us striking wooden eyewear from their Portland-based workshop. Using progressive laser cutting techniques, they're able to create precision frames that maintain the integrity of the wood and give each pair its own personality.

3) Sticks & Stones

When it comes to using sustainable, repurposed materials, Sticks & Stones are at the front of the pack. They use everything from reclaimed exotic wood to elk antlers and prehistoric ivory in their creations. Their detailed craftsmanship brings out the richness and durability of the wood, ensuring each piece enjoys a long and beautiful life.