Whether the old saw about more babies being conceived during the cold months has anything to do with it, the past couple years have seen Portland designers and show producers exercising a focus on lingerie at this time of year, which is otherwise somewhat barren in terms of runway shows. Last year's debut of the Unmentionable lingerie show, from the same team that brings us the summertime Alley 33 shows, was one of the sleeper hits of the year—if you think of "local fashion" as limited to fancy dresses and expensive custom suits, this show submitted more evidence of how many wearable, everyday items are being produced here, with easy cotton briefs alongside more occasional pieces.

The date for this year's edition has been announced for Tuesday, February 11 at Doug Fir with a lineup featuring beloved lingerie HQ Lille Boutique as well as Make It Good, Rachel Rector, Urchin, Sarah Bibb for Folly, Thunderpants, Mag-Big, Allihalla, and Iron Oxide.