Now that we're settling into the 2014 freshie it's time to put a lid on the year that came before, and I'm doing so with the final submission of thoughts from stylish folks about what was great (and not so) in 2013, and what we can hope to look forward to in the new year.

Next and last up, Emily Bolles of Sturnelle Collection.

I gained a lot of inspiration from these designers/campaigns: 1) Valentino F/W because of the dark bold colors and the classic clean structure of the garments, 2) Calvin Klein's structured and tapered suits were really inspiring to me as well, especially on buying trips, 3) Miu Miu for its vintage flare and incorporated dork styling.

  • Vogue

Trends that I liked or might have made up: 1) maxi dresses (preferably black) with long coats and hats, 2) hats of all kinds, 3) button-up '80s mom blouses, 4) slouchy sweaters with an '80s mom blouse and red lipstick, 5) velvet and crushed velvet, 6) ONESIES.


Trends that could not happen anymore and I wouldn't be sad: 1) Skirts over pants, 2) athletic gear with dressy things. For next year, I don't know what to expect, but I hope to see more fun collaborations amongst people within the small business realm and creative industries. The support and creativity I have seen and experienced is inspiring! I hope for PDX's fashion industry to keep growing and thriving.

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