Maybe you’ve heard of the luggage company, Jonny Sport. If you haven’t, here’s a little background on another of Portland’s very own creative brands:

Owner and designer Rachel Elizabeth started the company in 2009.

The Little Shaver
  • Grace Weston Photography
  • The Little Shaver

The Everything Bag
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  • The Everything Bag

It all came from a little family inspiration in 1995. Her then-father in law and founder of Beckel Canvas Products, Bob Beckel, used to make one of a kind bags from this unique textured orange material on the side. She bought a few at the time. Says Rachel, "I would sport my two orange tote bags for everything, and wherever I shopped I would end up getting compliments on the bags, and the invariable question of ‘where can I get one?’ After a few years of this I started thinking that I would like to reissue a variation of the bags and to start my own luggage and accessories company.

"I am currently working on three new designs: A duffel bag, a computer/work bag, and a wallet. Each new piece will have a minimalist look but be meticulously constructed and designed to last for a lifetime of everyday use."

She is also looking into designing her own antique brass hardware for the bags, and although she loves to use the basketball material, is exploring new options for other great materials as well. Rachel also has a background in sculpture, real estate development, and historic preservation. Word on the street is that she was a major moving force for the beginning stages of the gentrification of N Mississippi, where she owns some real estate. She is currently working on a flea market in the garden at Lot 13 on Mississippi this summer.

This neat little necklace is part of the collection as well, called the Spacer 45 Pendant, and available at Music Millennium.

  • Grace Weston Photography

As of now, the existing bags in the collection can be purchased at Boys' Fort and on the company’s website. Boys' Fort has been a huge supporter for Jonny Sport, and as each maker knows, just one backer can make a world of difference. She hopes to expand, and personally, I don’t see why that would be a problem—these bags are super kick ass!