Um, I'm going to go ahead and call floriography "media" because we don't seem to have a subject category for "flowers" or—I sense an unfortunate omission here—"witchcraft." Floriography is of course the language of flowers, born out of the Victorian era of repression, when people were too shy to express things like "I share your sentiment" (daisy), "regards" (daffodil), and "I hate you" (orange lily) in speech.

Most people don't speak it these days, but Spellbound Flowers' Nico Bella does. You may have seen her and her crew at Pioneer Square, where they have held it down as what they claim is the country's only bicycle based florist. They're still there, but they've also taken over the former Jane's Vanity shop space at 521 SW Broadway. They also are the only florist in town that will deliver within the metro area until 2 am, seven days a week.

I could mention Valentine's Day is blah blah, but feel free to think outside of the red roses box. There are apparently flowers that mean "death threat," which may be a little extreme, but I don't know your business. Also consider "let's elope" (spider flower), "I finally got you" (venus flytrap, totally creepy), or "my regrets follow you to the grave" (asphodel).

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