"2 shops + 2 kids = too much crazy!"

So read the headline of an announcement Garnish owner Erica Lurie sent out yesterday announcing the impending closure of the boutique and locally produced clothing line's longtime NE Alberta location. That line pretty much sums it up, but here's the whole statement:

It is with a mix of emotions that I announce the consolidation of Garnish and the closing of our Alberta shop. Over the past year and a half I embraced the additional challenge that I was looking for when we expanded to two locations. But as exciting as it was, having a larger business also brought many unexpected challenges. The responsibilities of two shops has limited our focus and time available for designing new collections and directed our energy towards the daily maintenance and duties demanded from having two boutiques. And when I was already feeling strapped for time with two shops and one kiddo, I went and had another baby! I have found that combination to be a bit too much- even for this energizer bunny. So although both shops seem like children to me, they are not actual flesh and blood and when choosing which of the four shall go, Alberta drew the short stick. My heart beats strong for the neighborhood which helped Garnish grow, but the Pearl shop is larger giving us more space for both the retail floor and design studio.

To consolidate, Garnish is moving additional merch into the Alberta space (at 1524 NE Alberta, to be precise) that will be marked down 40% like... now. So get over there while the getting's good and start speculating what should move in next at this primo NE address...

  • Mark Riskedahl