The recent Golden Globes had me pondering a best dressed list, and I know who is at the very top of mine. Forget ballgowns—my loyalties rest with Theodore Twombly, the lead character in Spike Jonze's perfect new film Her.

Jonze took home a Globe for his futuristic screenplay about a regular guy who falls for his OS system, and the film's wardrobe reflects its content: Both are warm, colorful, bizarre, emotionally vivid, and completely excellent. However, I would not call these clothes comfortable. In fact, there's a slightly uncomfortable, frumpy aspect to Twombly's style, perfectly encapsuled in a scene where he walks alone along a Los Angeles beach in a pair of high waisted wool trousers.


Somehow this works, and it makes the wardrobe just interesting enough to qualify it as fashion.Yes, I've glimpsed the future, and it's high waisted menswear.

Enter iconic boutique and purveyor of high-brow, hipster culture Opening Ceremony. OC launched a capsule collection inspired by Casey Storm's designs for the film and one can now purchase an entire duplicate Herwardrobe. Amidst the collection's "tech pockets," color blocking, sweatpants, and button-ups, I identified some standouts. The banded and double-collared shirts provide a standard oxford with interesting, tailored detail. These paired with wool trousers and the shearling jacket create what I would deem the Twombly signature look.

  • Opening Ceremony Her Collection

However, there's room for interpretation. Storm states about the costume design, "It's the idea that in the future you’re going to have so many options. That world you’re going to create is probably not going to be a distant, weird, isolated, sterile world. You're going to create a really beautiful, unique, comfortable, warm, and personal place that you would want to be in."

Thus, this collection isn't a Brave New World-style uniform, it's accessible, human, and available online now.

Shop the collection here and find movie showtimes here.