This lookbook brings me a feeling of relaxation, peace, and well-styled comfort. It is titled "In My Place," after all. With all the sales and rush of other shops making room for the new styles, it's a little refreshing to get a glimpse into one of the first lookbooks of the new season. This one doesn't disappoint—viewing it makes me want to go wherever these ladies are and lounge around in their beautiful clothes on their rugs and sofas. I'm happy to see that rich royal blue pop up in clothing again, and the well fitted, lovely printed pencil skirts are delightful. The sunshine reminds me that although we're still in the chill of winter time, spring really is right around the corner. Fashion's endless nature of calling to the future, or rather preparing for it, and getting excited for what's ahead, gives us something to look forward to. Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself here—and I've enjoyed wearing my sweaters and jeans and boots—but I'm excited to wear my skirts, heels, and short sleeves, too.