Getting your paramour (or BFF or pet or whatever) a Valentine's Day gift denotes a lack of cynicism (plus switching up the old "Hallmark holiday" attitude just might be an interesting change of pace) but one wouldn't want to stray into the dangerous waters of saccharine tackiness. Thus, Palace makes it ridiculously easy to strike the right note with their annual Lovers Sale, at which they showcase lovely, useful, and tasteful gift ideas that anyone would, uh... well, love.

This year features 20% off their stock of jewelry, perfume, lingerie, and hosiery (lines like Hazel Cox, In God We Trust, Better Late Than Never, OLO Fragrance, (Malin + Goetz), Hansel from Basel, and Cheap Monday), as well as custom gift bundles put together by Portland Apothecary. And, the one-day-only sale will also introduce Lonely Hearts lingerie to the Palace world, too. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The one-day-only affair is set for Sunday, Feb 9 from 11 am-7 pm. Calendars, be marked.

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