Self Edge is among the recent parade of new shops to have opened in downtown's West End sector, and even if the speed at which these shops have opened is giving you a touch of retail fatigue, this one is worth a closer look. You may have even heard of them if you are a serious denim collector, since their stores—also in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles—and web shop have given them a reputation as one of the best denim specialists in the country.

The focus mainly on raw Japanese denim (also note the "selvedge" pun in their name)—pairs of jeans, yes, but also vests and jackets, a small but awesome selection of heavy-duty motorcycle denims (these are drop-dead cool, sorry), a well selected shirt department featuring gorgeous prints and fabrics, and more. It's a small space and edited appropriately, geared to men, and also features top-of-the-line denim repair to extend the life of your investment jeans. Their philosophy is grounded in the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi or "the beauty in imperfection" and hearing them speak about the mythology and vintage methods that drive their concept is as compelling as any passionate cheese or winemaker. I have a small piece on them in this week's Sold Out column, but if you even think you love denim, you should really go check them out.

Self Edge
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