I don't know that I plan to religiously report on each episode of the premiere season of Under the Gunn, the Project Runway spinoff show that features two Portland designers, Brady Lange and Amy Sim, but I do think it's of some importance to keep you abreast of the major events affecting those who represent our city on the small screen. And thus, the spoiler-y highlight reel from last night's episode:

Sad trombone for Portland's Amy Sim, eliminated before she even had much of a chance. But them's the shakes when dealing with this oft-ridiculous franchise. Sim came to her career in fashion late, though, and she's still a newbie in a lot of ways—getting on the show in the first place is a testament to how quickly she's found her sea legs. I think we'll see a lot more from her in terms of growth, at least on the local level.

In the meantime we still have a horse in this race: Brady Lange!