It's about that time when all the Spring/Summer collections start trickling in, and Reif just announced their collection's release on February 21. For their first-ever solo presentation, the label opted for an up close and personal installation at the Bindery, complete with special giveaways, a custom photo-booth, and a chance to shop the collection. As for what to expect from the clothes, designer Lindsey Reif has this to say:

Geometry played a heavy role in this season's collection, and I took a lot of inspiration from the natural geometric lines found in urban settings. This particular collection is inspired by '90s minimalism, vintage Kate Moss and Calvin Klein editorial, but with an urban edge.

Doors will open at 6:30, and tickets are $20 general admission, $40 VIP (purchase here). RSVP and get regular updates here.

  • Autumn Northcraft