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Lately I have been super into manifesting what I want out of life, and when my skin was looking less than perfect I focused more and more on my skincare routine. As I always want to be 100% open and honest with my MOD readers, I did receive this facial for free! Manifesting works, try it! OK so now that the cat’s outta the bag let me get to the good stuff.

Kiva is a cute salon / spa / café / retail space all rolled into one. This super zen spot is nestled just above NW 23rd street. Cozy and warm, I was welcomed into the space by the owner, Kiva Lane. The word Kiva translates to “A sacred place of gathering of ancient cultures where communities reunite for celebrations, rituals, and ceremonies.” Which fits the space perfectly. We sat down and chatted about her background as a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles, her family life, and what brought her to Portland. Ms. Lane was so warm and welcoming I felt like I’d known her for ages. Sitting in the salon sipping our green juice I noticed all the people around me. Some with laptops, some with friends, and others just chilling out by themselves. Kiva seems like such a hidden little gem shared among neighbors and friends. The salon offers a full menu of healthy juices, smoothies, bowls, soups, and salads. After catching up with Kiva and touring the salon, it was time to get started with my treatment.

My esthetician Emily greeted me in the salon area just in back of the café portion of Kiva. It was quiet, serene, and smelled like heaven! Each 90-minute treatment starts with a foot soak in the relaxation area with complimentary tea, wine, or champagne. After the hell I put my feet through in heels most every day, this soak felt so amazing. It was also a nice way to have a little time with Emily to talk before my treatment.

After the foot soak was over I popped into the treatment room and got into the warm bed. The facial, called The Raw Glow Facial, is a very new kind of treatment using raw food instead of the usual chemically, paraben-laden products on the market. The treatment began with an assessment of my skin, what I needed and wanted out the facial. (Did I want a relaxing time, did I want to chat, extractions, etc.) This was nice because I have been to other salons where they just either assume you want certain things, or chat your ear off the entire time. Emily was the perfect mix of informative and attentive. The facial employed three different types of masks, all made from the aforementioned raw foods. I could smell the fruits and veggies working their way into my pores. After a steam, masks, extractions, and another mask, it was time for a little head massage with hot oil. YES please! So nice to have your brain rubbed down after staring at a bright computer screen all day.

After the lovely facial had finished I was welcomed back to the other side with a nice glass of water and a couple of samples of the skincare used during the treatment. Called Ilike, this organic skincare line is made in Hungary and has very high standards for their ingredients. Certified organic, sustainable farming, no animal testing, no preservatives, no GMO’s, and an ecological and social process for manufacturing and distributing their products. Ilike would be the perfect option for someone who is vegan, earth conscious, or just looking to rid their skincare routine of harsh and sometimes dangerous chemicals.

So here’s the skinny: Nearly a week and a half later my skin is still feeling and looking fresh. The problem spots I wanted to focus on (my chin and lower cheeks) have significantly improved. I don’t know if I can afford a monthly trip to Kiva, but a bi or tri-monthly trip would definitely be possible. Hey, if I can spend that much on shoes, I should be able to invest a bit more in my face. Check out more about Kiva here, and be sure to see their monthly specials. Valentines day is just around the corner, think about treating yourself, your bestie, or a couples massage for you and your honey.