• Fetch Eyewear

Fetch Eyewear seems like the kind of company that could easily be spoofed on Portlandia, but they really are quintessentially Portland. This local company, founded by tile maven Ann Sacks, provides affordable, stylish frames for men and women. But the kicker is that they donate 100% of their profits to the Pixie Project to support animal rescue and adoption. So you get cool frames, look awesome, and help save some cute fuzzy animals. Not a bad deal, right?

With a ton of styles to chose from in a broad range of colors, it's easy to find a pair that fits your face (and personality). Thanks to their "try at home" program, you can order up to six frames to test drive before you settle on the perfect pair.

Here are a few fun frames including two new styles from Fetch, the Oscar and the Bell.

Oscar (Nimbus)
  • Fetch Eyewear
  • Oscar (Nimbus)

Bell (ClassicTortoise)
  • Fetch Eyewear
  • Bell (ClassicTortoise)

Margot (Dusk)
  • Fetch Eyewear
  • Margot (Dusk)