If you missed the launch party for Lavenda's Closet on Friday, let me fill you in a bit. I arrived pretty much on time (early for party arrivals) so as to secure a conversation with Lavenda before the crowd poured in. I have admired her work as a fashion photographer since I emerged as a designer myself. She is a one-woman power house who's full of passion and talent in the ever-growing fashion community. The party was to celebrate the launch of her exclusive channel on Youtube as an add-on to the Lavenda's Closet blog.

The party was composed by model and producer Jillian Rabe, another multi-talented female with a kind but take charge personality. I could tell right away that the two are super tight friends. The fun and inviting energy they emit together is infectious. Tickets were a mere $5, and that got you free wine until 8:30pm (long enough to get you schnockered if not careful—those pours were pretty big!), endless fun at the custom photo booth, cupcakes, cake, and pretty great appetizers. They had raffle tickets for sale too, and the prize baskets were stocked full of local favorites: Underwood wine in a can, menswear accessories from Pino, gift cards to Shop Adorn and Mojave, and even some oral hygiene goodies from Crest and Oral B.

Jillian and Lavenda

The custom photo booth was way more awesome than I'd expected. We've all been to parties where there's a backdrop decorated with paper fan decor and cheesy props, but this was not the deal—this set up was the real shit. With a custom closet backdrop by The Portland Closet Company filled with pretty white garments and shoes, purses, picture frames, plants, and even a couple pillows. There were some unexpected appearances of superstar celebrities, too (via cardboard masks). It was basically like a traditional photo booth but way bigger, better quality prints, and way more fun! The photographer in charge of the skilled machine was Boone Rodriquez, and they also had two other photographers roaming about getting candids, one of which was Deneb of Nebcat Photography, who sent me some photos for this.

Me taking part in the fun
  • Print strip: Boone Rodriguez
  • Me taking part in the fun

  • Nebcat Photography

  • Nebcat Photography
  • Holla!

Power Couple alert!
  • Nebcat Photography
  • Power Couple alert!

While browsing over to the snack table I discovered a gorgeous Chanel purse... No wait, it was a CAKE! The peeps who created this masterpiece over at Artisan cake Company had me fooled for a minute. Okay, I'll be totally honest—I thought it was a purse until I saw an Instagram post later that said it was a cake. (I left before the cake cutting ceremony began.) I'm sure it tasted as rich as it looked.
Maybe the cupcakes should have been my clue...

The party seemed to me a success. It was fun, there was lots to do and look at, and everyone I met was really nice. Union Pine is the perfect venue for such an event because it's spacious, homey, and even has a bench outside for those wanting a breather. I was a little annoyed by the bright spotlights blazing my eyes as I waited in line at the bar. Their juxtaposition was not pleasant. The winners of the raffle, and Lavenda's pick for best dressed that night will be announced soon, so if you're among those awaiting the call, good luck! I highly recommend attending more parties hosted by Jillian Rabe!
In closing, here are some more pictures of the party people.
The music maker
  • The music maker

Generous servers
  • Generous servers

Super Star in the flesh, not on cardboard.
  • Super Star in the flesh, not on cardboard.

Pino designer, Crispin Argento & Isaac Hers owner, Barbara Seipp
  • Anne Bocci
  • Pino designer, Crispin Argento & Isaac Hers owner, Barbara Seipp

Keely Peach: wearer of fantastic leather maxi skirt!
  • Anne Bocci
  • Kelly Peach: wearer of fantastic leather maxi skirt!

Model & Designer Kate Troedsson and Anne Bocci
  • Anne Bocci
  • Model & Designer Kate Troedsson and Anne Bocci

My new BFF