You might remember Caitlin McCall's Quick Study line of bike clothing that doesn't look like bike clothing, featured in our last Bike Issue, as well as her Dress to Ride project, in which she and photographer Shola Lawson profile interesting Portland women who use a bike as their primary form of transportation.

And now, just when everyone who hasn't already is now truly reaching their limit with this transportation-hemming snowpocalypse, on Wednesday McCall is hosting Dress Like Your Bike. Much like the idea that pets and owners resemble each other, the party encourages you to dress like your ride and two-wheel it over to Gladys Bikes on N Mississippi for champagne, snacks, and bike/person portraits taken by Lawson. Then they'll choose their favorite among the bunch to award a $50 Quick Study/$50 Gladys Bikes gift certificate package (to be announced on Friday).

Unlike 99.9% of the events scheduled in town over the last four days, there are no peeps about this being snowed out, at least as of now (because this 'lypse is winding down, yes?), so if you've been missing your ride or you're just eager to show off your all-weather cred, it's a handy excuse to get out of the house on something other than a makeshift garbage can-lid sled. The party will run 7-9 pm, day after next (Feb 12).

  • Shola Lawson