Crafty Wonderland at the Convention Center is announcing their 2nd annual Wedding Wonderland section. The annual Spring sale brings many crafty makers together for a huge sale (think a street fair but way bigger and indoors). If you are a designer of anything to do with weddings, check out the application, and please read all the details so you have the best chance possible.


  • Heidi Hoffman Photography

Wedding Wonderland is a grouping of vendors within the Super Colossal Spring Sale who make items that would be great for weddings! Accepted vendors will have the option of being located in the Wedding Wonderland row(s) or not. These rows will be connected to the rest of the craft fair so shoppers can flow through the room as they normally would, but having the wedding goods grouped together will make it easier on the bridal shoppers to find what they're looking for!

Ideas of what would fit well in that area include, but are not limited to: dresses, nice men's clothing and accessories, terrariums and centerpieces, pretty hair accessories, sparkly jewelry, card makers who love to do custom invitations, paper decorations, sweet treats, and jewelry, body care, and small items that would make nice bridal party gifts, etc!

Tips: Do your homework and make sure that you and your product would fit well with the environment. Only submit impeccable photos of what you plan to sell. Make sure your website reflects what you're submitting also, and that any links to your website go directly to that product. Follow the directions and read all the details before you submit your application, so you don't waste the team's time or yours.
You can find all the details and application here.

Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale!
Saturday, May 10th
at the Oregon Convention Center
Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232
Free Admission! All Ages!