Backtalk, holder of some of your favorite Portland brands, is hosting a pre-Valentines day event tomorrow (6-9 pm) to get you all worked up and prepared. What's better than a tarot reading from Alana Jevert and Suzy Olsen of Psychic Siamese Terror to psych you up and give you some insight about your romantic future? Plus, a pure essential oils trunk show from doTERRA International! Whether you're in love, taking some time with yourself, have a secret admirer, or—god forbid—have a stalker, these ladies will help you connect to your inner lover. All this while you savor the scents of nature and shop a sale on vintage items and jewelry, sounds like a romantic occasion indeed.
For more details, check in here.

  • Alana Jevert

  • doTERRA International

  • Psychic Siamese Terror