If you're familiar with Rachel Rector, then you know her approach to lingerie is fresh, fun, and colorful. She herself is often seen in photos wearing the pieces as tops rather than under a top. The Florida native, who has lived here for the past four years, recently moved to Brooklyn. While she was here she interned with Colette patterns, attended classes at Modern Domestic and Portland Sewing, worked at Lille Boutique, and shared a studio with Yo! Vintage. It's all a perfect brew for a newbie in the lingerie dimension of fashion.

Rector was invited to show at Portland Fashion Week last fall as an emerging designer, which was where I first saw her amazing take on what lingerie can be. As is the case for most emerging designers, it's really hard to fund new ideas and concepts, thus the Kickstarter revolution! Rector's funding video is inspired by the movie Amelie and not only is it professional, but it's super lovely. Complete with beautiful girls (including herself), it's narrated in French (with subtitles of course), and it has a story! It was filmed by her friend Raul B. Fernandez, also a FL native who now resides in L.A. As for the incentives:

"I've created a ton of rewards to honor your pledge, such as a panty sewing pattern, limited edition prints from photographer Dan Busta (who shot our lovely lookbooks), a Ray Bodysuit (be the very first to own a piece of RR Lingerie!), and much more," she says on the site.

  • Raul B. Fernandez

  • Raul B. Fernandez

  • Dan Busta

Rector is returning to Portland for the Unmentionable show tonight at the Doug Fir, so if you, like me, want to see what else she has to offer, and are pretty sure it's sexy at its utmost awesome, go fund her project.