The semi-annual Fade to Light fashion show is going down at the Crystal this Wednesday (Feb 26), and we're studying up on the crop of designers being featured this time (some of them we know, some of them we're still getting acquainted with). To that end, we sent along some questions about their new collections and how they approach Fade to Light's particular focus on multi-media presentations, which at its most basic involves a video introduction prior to each line's appearance, but which can and has included everything from live music to professional dance routines thrown down in the middle of the runway.

First up: Poema, by Hannah Louise Poston.

  • Poema

How many times have you participated?
Hannah Louise Poston: This is my first Fade to Light!

How do you feel about the video aspect of the show? To what extent is it a burden on top of the pressure of having to produce a new collection, and how does it feel as an opportunity to message more about your brand? How do you go about approaching the challenge?
I love the video aspect, because my brand, Poema, is inspired by a dance about which most people know very little. The video is a chance to give the audience at Fade to Light a realistic sense of Argentine tango, and of what my brand represents to the tango community. To do this, I interviewed several local dancers about tango and Poema.

  • Poema

What can you tell me about this collection? What sorts of inspirations did you have in mind? Did you have any particular goals in mind as a designer to experiment with any new directions? What kind of materials, colors, and patterns did you focus on?
This collection is heavily influenced by the crazy beauty of color and pattern in the natural world. Its references are as delicate as a blush-colored rose petal, and as vast and bizarre as a nebula. Dense, organic patterns are layered and juxtaposed. I aim to contain the excess of nature within the clean, flowing lines of tango clothing. I like the idea of taming the chaos of the whole world in service of the dance. I always use luxury materials: silk charmeuse & chiffon, french lace, and high-end knits.

  • Poema

  • Poema