Another season is around the corner, which means you might be feeling the familiar urge to make a new friend in the shoe department. If so, I'm picking up what you're throwing down. Some recent favorites that have appeared have all shared one thing: Muted, muted, muted hues.

1. The essential slip-on kicks from Common Projects in the palest, pinkish gray at Frances May.

2. Another Common Projects classic, this boot turns up in different subtle variations each season. Dusty suede may be a spring/summer iteration, but barring heavy rains, this is a year-round go-to, in case you need help justifying that sort of thing. Also at Frances May.

3. Happy mediums from Gidigio are between gray and blue, between flat and heeled, and simple but not boring. At Tumbleweed.

  • Tumbleweed

4. Some styles ain't broke, don't need fixing. Vintage Seychelles at Consign Couture.

  • Consign Couture via Facebook