The semi-annual Fade to Light fashion show is going down at the Crystal tonight, and we're studying up on the crop of designers being featured this time (some of them we know, some of them we're still getting acquainted with). To that end, we sent along some questions about their new collections and how they approach Fade to Light's particular focus on multi-media presentations, which at its most basic involves a video introduction prior to each line's appearance, but which can and has included everything from live music to professional dance routines thrown down in the middle of the runway.

Next up: Adelheid Bergin, designed by Heidi Bergin.

  • Brent Barnett at OSI Photography

How many times have you participated?
This will be my first time participating in Fade To Light.

How do you feel about the video aspect of the show?
Initially I was very worried about having video because I haven’t done an event of this scale and I knew it would be hard enough to design and produce the clothing in the limited time away from my day job. However, I’m really glad for it because it does give an opportunity to share the message of the brand; otherwise it’s just another dress in the world, walking down the runway. Another reason why I like the video is because I don’t have an “exciting” clothing brand; I have a very practical brand and mission and the video allows me to convey that message so the audience doesn’t place me on the same playing field as the Avant guard designers. We’re scrapping by in terms of our video production equipment and skill, but in the end I’m happy with the story we were able to capture in the video.

  • Brent Barnett at OSI Photography

What can you tell me about this collection?
The title of the collection is Berlin City Girl, inspired by the city’s punk rock era and gritty elements (think barbed wire, graffiti, and harsh winters). As a designer, I wanted to capture the strength and tension of those elements, apply them to fashion, and convey them in a pretty and polished way representative of my brand. Design details I used in keeping with the mood were pleats, tartan, and hardware (buttons and zippers). I softened the hard details through fabric choice and feminine styling like fitted silhouettes and flouncy skirts. I was also really inspired by outerwear and many of the garments were designed to have a “coat” look and feel to them.

For me, this was an experimentation of new directions. I’ve only had one other collection and felt I watered it down to make it saleable; it was very safe. This time I’m taking a risk by including things not everyone will appreciate such as hardware, gold-yellow fabric, and long sleeves on dresses. That being said, I designed it because I feel it works; it’s in keeping with the brand and mood, and above all else – it’s wearable. My materials revolved around ponte knits in mixed colors, cotton shirting in menswear prints, and heavy poly-blend “faux wools." The collection is heavily monochromatic with a pop of golden yellow and dark teal.

  • Brent Barnett at OSI Photography