The semi-annual Fade to Light fashion show is going down at the Crystal tonight, and we're studying up on the crop of designers being featured this time (some of them we know, some of them we're still getting acquainted with). To that end, we sent along some questions about their new collections and how they approach Fade to Light's particular focus on multi-media presentations, which at its most basic involves a video introduction prior to each line's appearance, but which can and has included everything from live music to professional dance routines thrown down in the middle of the runway.

Next up: Emit by Ben Hermel.

How many times have you participated?
This is the third time we've participated in Fade to Light.

How do you feel about the video aspect of the show?
I think that the video aspect is an opportunity to express the designer's aesthetic in another medium, giving the audience a more complete picture of their approach. The big challenge is finding the time to put something together in addition to preparing the pieces! Unfortunately I don't think that we've made the most of the video aspect this time around but now that we're more familiar with the programs we're hoping to do something a little more intriguing in the summer.

What can you tell me about this collection?
Our retail collection utilizes performance fabrics to create very functional pieces so we see Fade to Light as an opportunity for experimentation. We will share a few pieces from our forthcoming collections but there are also a few pieces designed specifically for the show. The pieces from our retail collection are simple silhouettes brought to life with brighter colors and laser cut details, our objective is to create something distinctive without sacrificing comfort and versatility. Our show-specific pieces are an opportunity to explore the possibilities of laser cutting, creating more intricate patterns that would be very difficult to create any other way.