The semi-annual Fade to Light fashion show is going down at the Crystal tonight, and we're studying up on the crop of designers being featured this time (some of them we know, some of them we're still getting acquainted with). To that end, we sent along some questions about their new collections and how they approach Fade to Light's particular focus on multi-media presentations, which at its most basic involves a video introduction prior to each line's appearance, but which can and has included everything from live music to professional dance routines thrown down in the middle of the runway.

Next up: TARUC by Keely DiPeitro (who's no stranger to local runways... she's usually on them).

How many times have you participated?
This is my first time, but have walked in the past four shows.

How do you feel about the video aspect of the show?
I think the video aspect of the show is vital to understanding the designer's inspiration and mood for the collection. It is what makes Fade to Light unique. It is definitely an added stressor to make a video along with producing an entire collection, but there are plenty of other fashion shows out there for designers to participate in if they did not want to fufill the video requirement. For my line, TARUC, the collection would be further enhanced by using a video backdrop, and Fade to Light is shown at the Crystal Ballroom, which is known for hosting all types of entertainers—the video aspect puts on a performance, which for me is very important because I treat my designs as art pieces, although I think that fashion shows are not just for entertainment value, but for making the designer known and hopefully selling the collection to buyers at the show.

  • Shaun Mendiola

What can you tell me about this collection?
This is my debut collection for TARUC, featuring five men's and five women's looks. I chose resort because it allows for more drama than most spring/summer collections. The collection is inspired by the wing of the sternocera beetle, which is bright green iridescence in color. I use the wing solely as my pop color in the collection, which is primarily neutral colors. The wing represents freedom and protection for the wearer. I also was inspired by different regions of the world like India, Japan, and Africa. I prefer to use only natural textiles, as most of the collection is hand-dyed. I like having the organic and uncontrolled quality of using dyes, it's like a surprise every time! I used light-weight cottons, like Ikats, jersey knit, and french terry. I also made all the jewelry that the models will be wearing to accompany their looks. There will be pieces available for purchase at the show with proceeds going to two local charities.