Hot off the tail of his brief stint on Under the Gunn, Brady Lange held his official SS14 launch party—previously cancelled due to the snowpocalypse situation—at Black Book on Friday night. Lange first showed the collection at Portland Fashion Week, so for the official launch he chose a more casual presentation format—a live-model mixer with lookbook images projected on the wall. It was a pretty intimate affair that felt more like a birthday or graduation party than a traditional fashion event. Lange only included five looks in this presentation, but they effectively represented the bright, sporty aesthetic of the collection as a whole, which combined eye-popping neons with camo prints. Lange specializes in well tailored streetwear infused with flair.



Those who are familiar with with Lange's work are aware of his propensity for sex-appeal mixed with occasional touches of drama. While this collection generally offered a cleaner, pared down perspective than some of what he's done in the past, I kind of wished this presentation had included some pieces like the partially sheer camo maxi-dress, or the crazy, brightly printed swim shorts that made it memorable. What Lange showed gave viewers a good idea of who he is as a designer, but less of an idea of why he's one to watch.