Last Thursday on Alberta Street has been around for 17 years. While exploring the opening nights for several art shows, I walked around Alberta Street and asked, "What inspired your outfit?"

Spotted at Screaming Sky Gallery's "Forgotten Futures" exhibit up now through March 23rd:

"I draw. I love drawing flowers and this dress has morning glories and they're lavender, which is my favorite color."- Sera

Emily and Janelle

"I decided to dress sort of retro, sci-fi, nerdy, librarian. I was inspired by the show, which is sci-fi themed."-Emily (on left)

"It was a cute dress and it was new so I really wanted to wear it tonight". -Janelle (on right)

Spotted at Antler Gallery at their exhibit "Reverse Engineered: Part 2" up now through March 23rd.

Sean and Julianna

"My shirt is for a show opening at Floating World next week called "Dreem Street." I also always wear the color turquoise; it's one of my main themes." -Sean

"I love wearing bright colors. My striped shirt is inspired by a young David Hockney."-Julianna

"I'm inspired by all the wonderful women I work with in my studio. We all work in different mediums; mine is soft sculpture."-Monica