We recently discovered a new little shop, no—hair salon... okay, it's both. It literally sits in the US Bank parking lot on NE 42nd Ave. It's in one of the few little mid-century strip malls that exist in Portland, and the neighbors include a coffee shop and a Just 4 Kids used clothing store. Teal Flamingo was started by a hair stylist named Sara Chest, who worked at and managed several Bishops for five years. She'd always been drawn to recycled fashion and wanted to combine her two loves while expanding her own horizons. So after spending four months collecting stock, she opened up shop on February 1st of this year, with racks of clothing, shoes, and jewelry (including a men's rack) sharing space with the salon. It's a buy/sell/trade situation, so you can bring in your clothes, too, and bonus: You can trade clothing to get your hair did! (With Sara only).