There are a ton of opinions on what's best for you, and no shortage of people eager to tell you what to do in regards to your eating habits. And while I love a good debate, it's ultimately nobody's goddamn business but your own how you decide to keep your own house, as it were. So if where you stand on the spectrum of bullshit-to-swear-by-it in regards to raw foodism and cleansing puts you in a place to consider making a change for spring, here's an opportunity to gather information from two sources in the field:

Seed and Thistle Apothecary and Eatin' Alive are hosting "Shedding the Winter Stagnation" this month, with hands-on education about seasonal foods, cleanse/detox de-mystifiction (I'm getting the vibe that they are in favor of less extreme approaches), and raw foods. It's happening Saturday, March 29 at Tabor Space (5441 SE Belmont), 1-4 pm, $35 (registration available at either web site linked above).

  • Shedding the Winter Stagnation