How lovely is this weather? The sun seems to evoke the shopper in us (it's just not as fun in the rain). Nationale has a lot in store this month, including with new ceramics by Liam Drain, a very minimalist deck of cards by Minim, and back by popular demand, pastel colored concrete tape dispensers both big and small, which sold out quickly during the holiday season.

Plates, vases and cups by Liam Drain
  • Nationale
  • Plates, vases and cups by Liam Drain

A plain deck by Minim

concrete.jpgThey're equally happy to announce the arrival of Jao products. They'll be carrying hand refresher, unisex body oil, lip balm and Goe oil all made from 100% natural ingredients here in the US.

Lastly, they're extending an invitation to their first Friday opening reception for artist Annie McLaughlin, who's new work, called "Inside-Of," is on display from now until June 1st.

The paintings, weavings, and furniture on view in artist Annie McLaughlin’s solo exhibition at Nationale, Inside-of, renounce staid traditions of representation for an instead joyous toying with medium specificity and illusion.

Her vibrant, painted “roomscapes” open onto interiors that, while devoid of a human presence, resonate with life. This occurs less through the placement of minimalist decorations and more through the contrast between these simple objects and the suggested exterior terrain. Prominent windows open onto the dusty palette and the rocky formations of a vast, desert landscape. However, upon closer examination, details emerge that question the validity of this awe-inspiring view. Window frames evoke picture frames and shadows disobey the laws of nature. While the assumed dichotomies of interior/exterior, real/fake, eventually collapse, the visual play between them is nevertheless captivating.
Similarly, McLaughlin’s weavings and lounge chair explore this division between landscape and roomscape. Functioning as both utilitarian and decorative objects, they actively engage the viewers’ tactile responses while also evoking the dual sensation of viewing a Southwestern landscape from an airplane window.

opening reception today from 6-9 pm.
Pieces from Annie McLaughlins Inside-Of
  • Nationale
  • Pieces from Annie McLaughlin's "Inside-Of"