This is a tad belated, since Hand-Eye Supply's spring quarterly was released a couple weeks ago, but I have been noticing that the men in my life seem to be gravitating more and more to the shop—which specializes in all the tools one might need for a variety of making pursuits, from knives to pans and pencils and beyond—for their clothes. Not just work aprons, but go-to collared shirts and jeans they wear to dinner parties more often than workshops. It doesn't really brand itself as such, but Hand-Eye is savvy in its tidy, rather minimal collection of apparel. My husband's favorite new discovery are the Edgevale USA shirts they've started carrying, and they're one of the city's best sources for his beloved Paulrose, too. Both brands are showcased in the latest quarterly along with the finest new tools, all modeled by eco-plumber Joshua DeParrie. If for some reason Hand-Eye missed your radar (perhaps its too-subtle presence as a—dare I say it—fashion retailer), go for the clothes and stay for the experience of falling in love with objects you never thought you'd be capable of feeling love for. Like really nice erasers.

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