Another year of Open Season down, 10 years in the making! In its second year with the new multi-day format I'm loving it even more. And just as last year, the show at Rontoms was accompanied by live music, Sartorial Excess (featuring members of WAMPIRE, Blouse, and Parenthetical Girls). Of all the people/designers that showed this week, I know the girls of The Portland Garment Factory the least, which puts me in a position to give a super unbiased opinion. So in all honesty: I loved it. I would've worn almost everything they sent down the runway. The bare midriff jumpers, the asymmetrical salsa dresses, the velvet (ohhhh the velvet)—I even wanted the spray-painted white moon boots they styled the models in. It was all so gorgeous and just the right amount of avant-garde to get me dreaming of rocking these looks on vacation and feeling like the coolest girl in the room. Yes, this was a daydream, and yes I will make it a reality.

Something you may have noticed if you were in the audience or could see in the pictures, is the tags strewn out of the garments. It looked deliberate, and if you look up #insideout & #madeintheusa you'll see a small revolution happening. Fashion Revolution Day was April 24, 2014 because "1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh." Fast fashion hurts the industry for makers who take time to create pieces with love, source local materials, and sew by hand, but it also is literally killing us.

So to quote Portland Garment Factory "tags out, people!" and to quote Portland Garment Factory quoting Vivienne Westwood, "Buy less, choose well, and make it last!" Preach. Photos by Ashley Anderson.

The Velvetttttt, Oooooo
  • The Velvetttttt, Oooooo

The Salsa Dress!
  • The Salsa Dress!

Said Boots I Spoke Of...
  • Said Boots I Spoke Of...

And OMG, The Jumpsuit!!
  • And OMG, The Jumpsuit!!