Everything about Day Two of Open Season was great—the venue: outside at Mississippi Studios/Bar Bar. The weather: warm. The crowd: an a-typical fashion type—misfits, if you will.

The other thing that was good for watching was the show itself. Mag-Big's Cassie Ridgway, with the help of Becca Price and Rachel Marie Rasmussen, had 33 ready-to-wear looks strut down the makeshift runway. Ridgway made sure to tell me, "We're not all about 'high' fashion, so it was a super big leap for us to make some of these clothes... and we wanted everything to be grounded in reality: clothing everyone would/can actually wear. We're selling every style in that collection for less than $70." Which is pretty impressive seeing as everything is handmade in the USA. American Apparel can't promise that!

The looks varied from super-wearable, easy dresses to jumpsuits that I'd love to wear but would need a model's body to do so. High-waisted trousers were absolutely to die for, lots of velvet pieces, and a retro-inspired elastic ankle that felt very fresh. Also, loads of sheer fabric were used, exposing runway bums (which happens to be my favorite kind of bum). Considering Ridgway and Co. had never taken on such an elaborate collection, I have to give kudos where kudos are due. Styled with Noniko Jewelry and Eve Skywalker tights, this collection was complete. Photos by Ashley Anderson.