Summer Festival season has officially kicked into gear. This year I get the pleasure of attending my first What the Festival in Wolf Run Ranch, Oregon. In preparation I came up with a strategy to have a successful experience, cause lawd knows I could be running into my husband at the Splash Stage!

The Maxi : Maxi dresses or skirts are my go tos for summer. I am fairly confident in my body but I tend to not like my bruised and battered middle school skater knees. My motto is skirts get short-short in the winter and long-long in the summer. The maxi is so easy to style and super comfy if you are trekkin’ across fields to the next stage.

Kimonos: Light and sheer, the kimono provides both function (for those coldish Oregon nights) and fashion. Pair with a tank and a maxi skirt or as a cover for your fat-kini. It’s just another easy-breezy item that is a must have for summer.

Chub Rub: Oh the chub rub! I know we have all experienced this business regardless of size. There are many suggestions but here is what I will be working with: Bandelettes are cute little lace bands you pull on your legs, held in place with silicone stay-up bands (similar to thigh-highs) and available to fit up to 32” thighs. I have found these to be comfortable, affordable ($14.99), convenient, and a little sexy. If you don't wanna wear shapewear, are on a budget, and want something that's thin and easy to put on, then this is the product for you!

  • Bandelettes

Health: I will be using my normal daily moisturizer, BB cream (both have SPF 30), and regular sun screen for extra coverage mixed with a little bit of illuminator to brighten my face. All of these items come in travel sizes and don’t require much time or energy to achieve the end goal. Also, bring your translucent powder to keep the shine away!

WATER! It’s a no brainer but sometimes you have to remind yourself to drink just a little extra. It will keep that skin in check and ensure that you don’t wear yourself out with all those sugars and alcohol. Also coconut water and Emergen-C will be the keys to curing my hangovers and keeping my energy up.

Festival Survival Kit
  • Festival Survival Kit

Successories: I have my little Junglist Rave bag that will hold all of my essentials. It’s just the right size to trek around with! Inside: Hand fan, coconut water, wet wipes, sunglasses by Look/See, lighter, Scooby fruit snacks, Moleskin notebook, Fruit Stripe gum, Flask to Go, first aid kit, toothbrush + toothpaste, mouth wash, cocoa butter lotion, deodorant, and Emergen-C.

Don’ts: Please don’t wear that Native headdress. It’s tacky, disgusting, and culturally insensitive. Please don’t be that person! Do wear a headband, floppy hat, head chain, turban, or a flower headpiece, which are all big looks for the season.

Wedges. No, girl! Who wants to crack an ankle in the middle of nowhere? Not me. Stick to simple sandals and closed-toed shoes as a back-up.

DON'T pull out your fuzzy “raver” boots. Leave them for the go-go dancers, as they are probably the only people that can pull them off (and even that is debatable).

DON'T be afraid to make a statement and try something new. Festivals are the time when you can step out of the box, pull out your bodysuit or crop top, and wear it with confidence.