Holy moly has it been hot these last few days! Sometimes it's hard to worry about looking cute when the temperatures soar. But there are still people getting it right and showing us how it's done even when the thermometer is bursting.

"I'm in a transitive phase right now. I was really into '70's but now I'm feeling futuristic. I also read a lot of African lookbooks." -Sidony

"I just love old things. I resell them." -Dee

Tenneson and Rikki

"This was my Mom's belt. I dress mainly for comfort and to keep Rikki cool." -Tenneson

"The hat is from my friends at Aeon Attire, floral shirt from Kings Of NY on Etsy, PacSun/Bullhead pants and the shoes were a gift from my dad. I'm trying to make black+brown more acceptable!." -Andrew

(Andrew is currently on tour with Harry and the Potters and Hank Green. You can check out his music at andrewismusic.com)