Yesterday was my first day of residency at the Museum Of Contemporary Craft’s “Fashion Safehouse” installation. As a part of the Fashioning Cascadia exhibit for the Summer, curator Sarah Margolis-Pineo has selected four artists in residence to occupy a sewing work space designed by Otto Von Busch. The concept is to create a dedicated place for uninhibited design while simultaneously opening up the design process to the public for viewing. I am completely honored and humbled (and nervous) to be the Portland-based artist in residency, as the other artists include Stephanie Syjuco, Adrienne Antonson, and Drew Cameron.

the Fashion Safehouse, designed by Otto Von Busch

As I patterned, cut, sewed, and finished my first garment, museum guests came in and out of the safe house (respectfully) and asked questions about my process, my installation mood board, and the basic concept of the collection I am developing. It was really interesting to engage so many people during each step of my process; I guess I didn’t realize that, to many people, garment patterns are completely foreign shapes.

Artists in Residence

My assignment (of my own creation) is a full collection inspired by uniforms for working women. I want to draw influences from functionality, muted color ways, easy silhouettes, and versatile ways of wearability. I will attempt to design one garment per day, and will reveal the entire collection at the Alley 33 Fashion Event (which happens to be the last day of my residency).

I finished this garment; it is the first of our collection:

My First Design at the MoCC SafeHouse

Some highlights from so far included listening to Turbonegro in a museum (because they are letting me listen to music I want to listen to!!), meeting the incredible (and extremely talented and knowledgable) staff at the Museum Of Contemporary Craft, and the constant stream of insightful museum guests. I can’t wait to see what the days ahead have in store for me!!

This Thursday, my design partner, Becca Price, and I will be hosting a lecture/discussion at the Museum of Contemporary Craft at 6:30 pm. The topics of discussion will be the process and function of designing a collection: elaborating on the use of mood boards and sketches, and will guide us into an open discussion about the uniform collection. We will be asking for reactions about uniforms, their function, their historical role (for better and worse), and their impact. Please join us!!