Someone desperately needs to open a candy store around the corner from Olo Fragrance's new joint (at 1407 SE Belmont) called Chocolate's Made. C'mon Portland, you do this kind of shit all the time. Do this one for me.

Olo's Heather Sielaff says she chose the dirty kids' limerick for the storefront/studio space because it's been an earworm for her since childhood, plus she "makes her shit in the back," so it "makes sense," She also says that if the name turns people off they're probably not her kind anyway. Sielaff's line is one of a handful of boutique fragrance companies coming to prominence in Portland, and it's quite arguably leading the pack. You can already find their scents in shops across the country (and locally at Beam & Anchor, Frances May, Nationale, and more), but the shop will be home base and the only source (at least out of the gates) for an in-production line of lotions and other body care products. For now it showcases apothecary items (which currently lean Japanese) and jewelry from the like of Rill Rill and Hazel Cox, among others. It's worth stopping in just to huff on everything, and hours are loose. If the lights are on and the door's unlocked, go in!

  • Olo via Instagram