Well, here's a fascinating event to visit this weekend: Chrome Factory Tour invites you all to come see how they make sneakers. Chrome has looked to the past to manufacture sneakers of the future. After discovering several forged rubber machines in Slovakia that were originally used to make army boots, they resurrected the 70 year old apparatus's to make new handmade durable sneakers. The San Fransisco based company will be touring the country to show the public how it's done and will be visiting PDX this Friday and Saturday. They're offering 50% off a pair to the first 100 people who arrive.

Each sole is fused to the upper to ensure long-wear durability. They also took the time to insert odor-resistant materials for the stinky feet out there. (That can ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes, right?) You can also get a preview by checking out their new look book here.

The event lasts two days this weekend at The Chrome Portland Hub.
Friday, July 25th & Saturday, July 26th 11am-7pm
425 SW 10th

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