It seems the many facets of David Lynch's talent are never ending. In his latest venture, he has co-designed a capsule collection of women's sportswear for the company Live the Process. Co-designed with model Alyssa Miller, the collection features bras, leggings, shorts, and T-shirts and is available in a limited edition floral print. Part of the proceeds benefit the David Lynch Foundation, which is dedicated to teaching meditation to young victims of post-traumatic stress disorder and abuse.


On a related note, if you want to support something local, you should add your dollars to the possible screening of the David Lynch directed film Fire Walk with Me at Hollywood Theater on August 1. It's part of their This is Your Film series and they just need 30 more paid tickets to make it happen. Seriously, who doesn't want to see Laura Palmer drinking tiny bottles of booze and doing blow by herself in her bedroom on the big screen?

Source: The Independent