FashioNXT is probably the most prominent fashion show in Portland currently. Fielding designers locally, nationally, and even internationally, it draws a lot of attention and has helped emerging designers make their debut on a high-end runway. In August, emerging designers will get another opportunity to audition their brand to be a part of the upcoming show in October. The auditions will take place on August 10 in front of a promising panel of judges including Eden Dawn, Michelle Lesniak, Anne Bocci, and our very own managing editor here at the Mercury, the lovely Marjorie Skinner [I'll actually be camping on the 10th but will be there for the second round and for the final show judging, and thanks for calling me "lovely"!—Ed.], among other fashion buyers, designers and editors from the region.

There is a small fee to enter the audition, and if you end up being one of the designers that makes it to the runway in October there's a bigger fee, but the prize package for the winner and the exposure designers receive from walking the FashioNXT runway seems worth the investment. Previous shows have included Michael Costello (Beyonce is a huge fan!), Seth Aaron, Pendleton's The Portland Collection, Michelle Lesniak, Lift Label, and last year's emerging designer winner, Amy Sim. So yeah, you'd be sharing the stage with some prominent and talented designers. Period. For full details and qualifications click here.

Sunday August 10th at 2pm
Choose Local Media, 1801 NW Upshur St #660

Last Years winning designer, Amy Sim
  • FashioNXT
  • Last Year's winner, Amy Sim

“Our long experience in catapulting emerging designers to get national press and prominent accounts enabled us to identify the critical needs for the emerging designers to take their business to the next level”, says Tito Chowdhury, Executive Producer of FashioNXT.
Amy Sim
  • FashioNXT
  • Amy Sim