If you like alpacas, clothing, art, bugs, felting, and... uh, environmental responsibility, You should take advantage of the current residency Adrienne Antonson is currently absorbing herself with over at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. I spoke to her for my column this week, and learned a few things I really, really like about her: 1) She makes perfect human-hair sculptures of bugs. 2) She used to live on an alpaca farm. 3) Her attitude toward creating her clothing line, STATE, in a responsible manner is that, "If I'm bringing new objects into the world, I want them to be an improvement." 4) She's fearless about growing an apparel line that doesn't conform to the norms of the retail hustle ("The typical fashion calendar has never clicked with me.") 5) She made herself this outfit yesterday:

  • Adrienne Antonson via Instagram

Antonson's artist talk is this evening at 6:30 pm at the museum and totally free to check out. This whole series of residencies and lectures has been stimulating enough to forfeit a summer evening for, and I'm particularly excited for this one. Maybe I'll see ya there.