I recently got a chance to check out Kyoto, a fairly new menswear boutique and art gallery on 6th and Glisan in Old Town. The store draws inspiration—as you might gather from the name—from Japanese style, with an emphasis on high-end streetwear. Not exactly an untapped market, but Kyoto distinguishes itself by carrying brands and items that can't be found anywhere else in Portland, mixed in with a few local designer pieces. The general vibe is laid back but swagger-y, with unique, eye catching pieces like gold pants by Benny Gold, subtle floral printed shirts and shorts by Wolf & Man, and an impressive collection of multi-colored, limited edition Nikes. The gallery section of the store features striking, street inspired pieces by local artists like Beth Myrick and Brittany Osland.

Owner James Boyd is an industry veteran who previously ran a streetwear line called Prototype. He says opening the store has been a long term goal, but he "didn't think anyone would want it," due to the struggling economy. This year though, after shuttering Prototype's doors and selling the name to Microsoft, he decided the time was right to pursue this dream.

Check out some of the goods below:

Benny Gold Coach Jacket
  • Benny Gold Coach Jacket

Benny Gold Pants
  • Benny Gold Pants

Wolf & Man Shirt
  • Wolf & Man Shirt

Wolf & Man Shorts
  • Wolf & Man Shorts

AKA Quilted Bomber
  • AKA Quilted Bomber

Nike Sneakers
  • Nike Sneakers

Art by Grape God
  • Art by Grape God

Art by Beth Myrick
  • Art by Beth Myrick

Art by Brittany Osland
  • Art by Brittany Osland