The Produce Society is an urban farm that is located out on the Columbia Slough. Last weekend they had a benefit that featured some local and not-so-local musicians to raise money for the farm. Everyone grabbed a beer and proceeded to look adorable. Shoes were optional.

Christina and Chris

"My mother and I own a vintage store in L.A. called Jupiter and Lane. I borrow a lot of my jewelry from there. I also buy a lot of jewelry at Portland Saturday Market." -Christina

"My look is influenced by Townes Van Sant. Most of my jewelry is from Wanderlust and Wildhearts on Mississippi; the turquoise is from Santa Fe. My band is The Desert Kind which was inspired by trips to Santa Fe." -Chris

"I came in character because I wanted to look fancy. The dress is from Goodwill. My tattoo is of pheomelanin which is the chemical that produces natural red hair and freckles. My hair is for Burning Man. My style is inspired by Tank Girl." -Ashli

Jessica Yvonne

"I just love vintage dresses. I've had this one for years and got it in Ohio. The sunglasses are from Zemmy Optical. The earrings are from a thrift store and the shoes are from a vintage store in Boston." -Jessica Yvonne

"My partner Nathan gave me the necklace about a year and half ago; it's a rhino beetle. My dress is from Pop-Up Shoppe on 23rd. I would say that I have a classic 60's style." -Megan

Rachael Renee

"My overall style is country inspired because I'm an equestrian. The bracelet was custom made for me by Moxie and Oliver in Seattle. The necklace was my grandmother's. I wear two watches because one was my grandmother's on the other side. The other watch I actually use. Also, I 'm really embarrassed about my shoes but I broke my toe. They are the only ones that are comfortable right now!" -Rachael Renee (check out her amazing band at and her photography.)

"My outfit was inspired by summertime and fresh food!" -Elizabeth (with her husband, Jason)